Year 2021:

Musharof Hussain Khan:
Environmental impacts of different recovery options of liquid packaging board repulping reject, 5000€

Andrei Tregubov:
Robustness enhancement of model predictive control, 5000€

Anna Florea:
A methodology to support dynamic reconfigurations and integration of digital twin entities for manufacturing, 4000€

Shahroz Ahmed:
Technical solutions for developing advanced high strength metallic materials for manufacturing industry, 5000€

Year 2019:

Mats Friman:
Identification and control of III conditioned processes using rotation, 4000€

Zoran Cenev:
Ferrofluidic magnetocapillary effect for biomedical applications, 4000€

Kaarlo Hirvi:
Machine vision for detecting leaking pumps, 6000€

Year 2018 or earlier:

Santeri Pöyhönen:

Kompressori-, pumppu- ja puhallinjärjestelmien monitorointi ja diagnosointi taajuus-muuttajapohjaisilla menetelmillä (Monitoring and diagnozing of compressor, pump and blower systems using frequency converter based methods), 5000€

Matti Palonen:
Virtauksen säätöparametrien optimointi (Optimization of flow control parameters)

Vicente Climente-Alarcon:
Application of Differential Operators to the Condition Assessment of Valves, 8000€

Jussi K Tamminen:
Variable speed drive in fan system monitoring, 3000€

Garcia Pozo Octavio:
Improved valve stiction detection and diagnosis based on fault feature classification, 6000€

Yli-Fossi Timo:
Dynaamisten voimalaitosmallien vesihöyrypiirien virtaus- ja painelaskennan kehittäminen mallien ylläpidon näkökulmasta (Development of steam loop flow and pressure calculation in dynamic power plant models), 4000€

Virrankoski Reino:
Wireless Automation under IEEE 802.15.4 Communication Protocol Juha Orivuori:
Model-based optimal control of multidimensional and multi-tonal frequency varying disturbances, 5000€

Juha Viholainen:
Rinnankäyvien pumppujen uusi ohjaustapa (New control method of pumps in parallel use), 4000€

Aki Taskinen:
Mekaanisen ja sähköisen dynamiikan kytkeytyminen tuulivoiman tuotannossa, (Switching of mechanical and electrical dynamics in wind power production) 4000€

Timo Manninen:
Process control valve fault simulator, 6000€

Mikael Björkbom:
Wireless Control System Simulation and Network Adaptive Control, 6000€